Photograph by Jeremy Dennis

Photograph by Jeremy Dennis

HealtH + Lifestyle Coaching

3 + 6 Month Programs

What does the life of your dreams look like?
Take a moment to visualize it:
Close your eyes and take a deep breath…

Together we will work on creating lasting shifts in primary areas of your life: nutrition, relationships, exercise, financial stability, joy, creativity, sexuality, spirituality, and more.

You will learn tools and make lasting changes necessary to live your authentic, happy and whole life.

Throughout your program we will have 2 monthly sessions, with bi-weekly email checkins. Sessions can be scheduled in-person at my Hudson NY office, over the phone or via Facetime/WhatsApp.

In each session, we will explore the areas of your life that need support, set goals and celebrate accomplishments.

Throughout your program you will experience the changing of seasons, personal challenges, successes, and more. Think of your life 3 months ago, now 6 months ago… What has changed? What hasn’t? Where would you like to be?

Schedule your free 30-minutes Health History with me today.
Live the life you’ve always wanted.