DIY Deodorant

DIY Natural Deodorant with Essential Oils and Coconut Oil by Completely Golden Tess Palma-Martinez.jpeg

I have been on the natural deodorant band-wagon for nearly 8 years, and have tried my fair share of flops. There’s nothing worse than a deodorant that can’t hold up, leaving you smelling like a jungle woman with a dab of perfume.

I adapted this homemade, natural deodorant from a Free People blog post in 2014, and haven’t looked back since. Not only does it work (it lasts for an entire 24 hours)- you can customize it and the quantity is sure to last you a year.

The recipe fills two 2oz jars. You can keep one at home and one in your suitcase, gym bag, or give one to a friend.

½ cup organic coconut oil (melted)
¼ cup baking soda
¼ cup arrowroot flour
10-15 drops essential oil mixture

  • Mix together dry ingredients

  • Incorporate coconut oil, slowly, until combined

  • Add essential oils of choice (optional)- I love lavender or sandalwood, but do you

  • Pour into glass jar (not plastic as fat soluble oils leach harmful plastic chemicals)

  • Deodorant is ready to use and will harden in cooler temperatures

If you tend to be sweaty (I’m there with you), add a touch more baking soda than arrow root flour to keep yourself smelling fresh.

To apply- use your fingers to rub a pea sized bit under each arm. You could find a little spoon/applicator if you wish, or you can use a retired deodorant stick! Line it with plastic wrap, fill and keep in the fridge.

*Please note the main ingredient is coconut oil, and has a melting point of 76 degrees fahrenheit. When temperatures are warm the mixture will become soft and can spill. Please handle with care.

DIY Natural Deodorant Ingredients with Essential Oils and Coconut Oil by Completely Golden Tess Palma-Martinez.jpeg

Let me know if you try out this recipe, or have another recipe you love to use. Tag your pictures on Instagram with hashtag #completelygolden

XO, tess