Finding the Good Life Through Self-Care and Intention Setting

What is the good life? It may look different for everyone, but our basic necessities will always be part of it- sleep, food, love, shelter, money, and purpose (to name a few). Check out Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to see a full list.

When we are compromised in any of these areas, balance can be thrown off, quick. As we look for comfort to fill the hole of what has been lost, we often reach for more of what we already have- more food, more sleep, more love- but as we cling to more our energy shifts to lacking, and no matter how much we fill with something else, it won’t be enough.

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How do we figure out what is lacking in order to get back on track? By taking time to slow down. Joshua Rosenthal, founder of IIN, talks about the body as a perfect bio-computer, always knowing what it needs. If we are in constant overdrive- over the speed limit, our bodies will compromise however it can. Alert signals going off, until it finally breaks down. How many of us have been there? I know I have.

I became a health and wellness coach because I needed to change my own life. I was stuck in a cycle of exhaustion > illness > depression. I felt I had no purpose and that my life was passing me by. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I knew there was more. I remembered I was happiest when being of service, when eating healthy and cooking my own meals, when money wasn’t a stressor, and when I had a strong community of like-minded people in my life.

Connection is a major player in our happiness level, and in order to connect to others, we must first connect to ourselves. When we connect to ourselves we are able to recharge, filling each area of our needs, for a good life.

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Some of my favorite ways to connect to myself is writing, journaling. I have many journals, each with their own purpose.

  • In one I write one page once a week about what is happening in my life at that time. I have kept this journal for 5 years and it is amazing to flip back to the same time last year, two, three years ago and see the evolution.

  • I have another journal that serves as my everything book- I will draw pictures, write down dreams, cry and write until the tears are gone, and save magazine clippings.

  • I have another that hosts my to-dos, appointments, mood tracker, food chart, and daily check-ins.

Here are some ways you can connect with yourself through journaling. Build off each one, to become even more clear and then use that clarity to set an intention for yourself. Intentions are like goals, but for the soul.

  1. Popcorn words- think of what the good life looks like for you. Set a timer for 1 minute and write down any word that pops in your head. It can be silly or nonsensical- write it down!

  2. Mind maps- one of my favorite ways to organize my thoughts, visual. It flows stream of conscious, linking one thing to the next. You can start with a word or desire, sometimes I’ll just write my name and see what comes out. When I’m done, I can see how some things would affect others. Perhaps I spent more time and energy in this area, so that’s where I want to put my focus today.

  3. Intention setting- what is your intention, right now, in this moment? It could be different than an intention you have for tomorrow, this week, or this year. A fun practice in identifying an intention is to ask yourself “why” seven times. Elaborating a bit more, each time.This brings you deeper to the root, the purpose.

Other methods of self-care (caring for your Self), while setting intentions can include:

  • Reading astrology or tarot

  • Meditating on your intention

  • Setting an alarm to remind you each day to re-write your intention

  • Make a short list of to-do’s needed to fulfill this intention and accomplish one thing each day until it is done.

Do you have a favorite way of taking care of yourself? Share below! Share your pictures on Instagram with hashtag #completelygolden

XO, tess